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Slab Lift in Gainesville

Concrete Lifting and Soil Support--Same Day Pool Deck, Driveway & Sidewalk Repair

Workers lifting concrete

At a minimum, concrete settlement is a nuisance and eye sore. At their worst, uneven slabs can be trip hazards, a threat to safety, and a violation of the American with Disabilities Act.

Slab lifting targets the cause of concrete settlement so the cure is long-lasting and at a fraction of the cost of slab replacement. For Ram Jack clients, this usually means slab lifting is the fastest and most affordable solution available for settlement problems.

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A Minimally Invasive Concrete Raising Procedure

Slab Lift is equal parts arts and science. The high-strength polymer is scientifically formulated to strengthen soil conditions and hydraulically lift concrete slabs. It is the art of the injection that grants the lifting accuracy and restores safety and beauty to your concrete structure.

Everything our Gainesville concrete lifting experts do is designed to create a customer experience worthy of referral. As experts in lifting concrete slabs with a minimally invasive system, our objective is to limit your inconvenience and return the safe use of your structure on the same day.

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The Concrete Slab Lift Process

  • Assessment—determine the cause, test soil strength, photograph site, and explain scope of work
  • Site Preparation—mobilize equipment, protect surfaces, drill 3/8” holes
  • Strengthen Soil—Inject Precision Lift foam to fill voids, sustain soil, and resolve erosion
  • Lift Slab Precisely—Inject Precise Lift foam in short, even bursts to achieve desired lift
  • Validate Difference—confirm slab is lifted and fully supported for long-term solution
  • Site Rejuvenation—remove equipment and protection materials, clean and photograph site for client review and permanent file
  • Client Review—review completed project, material used, and confirm customer satisfaction

We offer fast, expert precision concrete leveling without the mess or expense of excavation!

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