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Case Studies Tennessee Home Saved From Dangerous Settlement

Milan, Tennessee

In the city of Milan, Tennessee, home to just under 8,000 residents, a homeowner started noticing cracks appearing in the brick of their home. Luckily, this particular homeowner knew exactly who to call.

Eddie Bolton, the owner of Ram Jack Tennessee, knew that these cracks would continue to expand due to his many years of experience in the foundation solutions industry. He contacted his team of foundation specialists to evaluate the situation. Upon review, it was determined that the root cause for separation in the bricks was settlement caused by the clay soil in which the home was built. The expansion and contraction of this clay soil affected the foundation of the home and produced potentially dangerous settlement. The home has an excellent footer and as a result, it took 25 years for these cracks to appear.

Bolton, knowing the risks of delayed action, got to work devising a plan. As the cracks were found during the early stages, it was determined that only five 2 7 ⁄8 in. Ram Jack helical piles would be utilized to li the section of the home where the settlement was starting.

While this project seemed fairly simple, the exceptionally hard, clay foundation had to be taken into account. Aer digging through this rough terrain, the helical piles were able to be successfully installed. As action was taken immediately, the home did not need to be raised. The helical piles would be used to hold and prevent further settlement in the affected area of the home. Bolton was very pleased to have his home secured. He can rest assured knowing that Ram Jack products will withstand the lifetime of the home.

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