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SLS Hotel & Casino - Settled Slab Recovery

Case Studies

When you’re in the casino business, every hour you are closed means lost revenue. If repairs are needed, time is of the essence, and every second you can gain by getting a job done right in minimum time possible is critically important. When the SLS Hotel and Casino, formerly the Sahara Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada, noticed foundation damage in a bar area of the facility, they called Ram Jack Las Vegas to take care of it as quickly as possible.


A plumbing leak beneath the slab in the bar area of the SLS Hotel and Casino had caused severe damage, resulting in as much as 3 in. of slab settlement. While the leak was fixed prior to Ram Jack’s arrival, it had saturated the area with water for a significant period of time, damaging over 500 ft^2. of slab in the area around the bar. Because the damage occurred to a reinforced structural slab with channels containing electrical conduits for the various gaming devices on the floor, the job proved to be complicated, and it was necessary to consider the electrical requirements of the casino games in the surrounding area.

Proposed Solution

Ram Jack Las Vegas worked with the casino’s engineering team to provide a plan of action. After mapping out the channels in the slab to prevent damaging electrical conduits, Ram Jack Las Vegas proposed installing a grid of helical piles every 5 ft. in the affected area.


Because the work took place in an active area of the casino, Ram Jack Las Vegas professionals worked between 12 a.m. and 8 a.m. nightly until the job was complete. At the end of each “work day,” the job area was cleaned, all holes were covered, and the carpet was replaced so the casino could function without interruption. Ram Jack Las Vegas cored through the 6-7 in. slab at each of the 15 pile locations and installed each pile with a rotary torque head and extended resistance bar. Each pile was extended to the underlying Caliche hardpan about 10-14 ft. below grade. Once the piles were set, the support brackets were put into place and a jacking bracket brought the slab up to the original floor elevation. A Ram Jack retaining system was used to tighten and hold the slab in place. After the jacking system was removed from all holes, a line pump injected sand slurry under the slab to fill any voids, and all of the cored holes were filled. The engineers and maintenance workers at the SLS Hotel and Casino were more than impressed with the quality work performed by Ram Jack Las Vegas as well as the fact that the job was done with minimal interruption to casino business.

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2004
Application: Floor Slabs
Product: Helical

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