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Introduction: A sports venue that houses countless soccer practices, tournaments, and competitions, the Columbus Soccer Complex in Columbus, Mississippi is a staple of the community. With events happening consistently throughout the week and large crowds of people gathering there for various activities, it’s no surprise that the complex began to develop transportation issues. As a solution, facility supervisors proposed the erection of the Riverwalk Trail to connect the Columbus Soccer Complex and pedestrian bridges. They called Ram Jack to help them get the new construction project done right.

Problem: The proposed Riverwalk Trail, part of a $2 million dollar grant, was designed to rest on a 45-degree slope above a creek, traversing a tight radius under two Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) bridges to provide easy, safe access to the complex. The challenge of the project was in its expansiveness as well as the difficulty involved in constructing a stable pathway in such a complicated location. The project scope spanned the jurisdiction of MDOT, city of Columbus, and Lowndes County officials.

Proposed Solution: After an exhaustive inspection of the layout and the plans, Ram Jack proposed using strategically placed helical piles on which to rest two pedestrian bridges and four concrete abutments. Ram Jack engineering designed custom helical piles on which to rest the Riverwalk trail, including two pedestrian bridges and four concrete abutments, adding extensions to carry the heavy loads and support the pathway for pedestrians.

Outcome: Over the course of six weeks, Ram Jack of Mississippi completed the job beautifully, installing 103 helical piles to support the trail and 16 more to secure the abutments. Using advanced equipment and an 18,000 pound excavator, the Ram Jack professionals graded the area as needed, installed the helical piles to an adequate depth, and provided a strong foundation on which the Riverwalk Trail would rest. The new construction job was complicated; however, Ram Jack of Mississippi completed the job as specified, and soccer players and fans alike now have a safe, convenient pathway from the Columbus Soccer Complex to the pedestrian bridges.

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2014
Product Scope: New Construction
Product: Helical

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