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Recovered Porch Slab

Case Studies

Just looking at this residence from outside, you’d never suspect the home had structural issues. The classical home boasts timeless style, plenty of space, and a gorgeous yard. Situated in the quaint South Carolina town of Easley, it is everything you’d expect of a Southern abode. It is both warm and inviting, perfect for entertaining a large party or for quietly enjoying a cup of hot coffee on the porch. Once you reach that porch, however, a problem quickly becomes evident - it slopes.

Situation: The homeowners contacted Ram Jack South Carolina when they noticed the concrete floor of the porch, which had once been level, had begun to settle. Ram Jack sent a foundation specialist, who found that the porch slab had fallen as much as 2 in. at the center. Presumably, the soil beneath the porch had not been properly compacted prior to its construction, and with the increased weight of the concrete slab, the soil settled, bringing the porch with it.

Proposed Solution: After a thorough inspection, Ram Jack South Carolina professionals proposed the installation of three helical piles. These piles would be used to lift and support the sinking concrete slab.

Outcome: When the crew arrived to install the piles, they noticed a new stair-step crack in the front, right corner of the concrete slab, indicating that the corner of the porch was settling as well. Knowing the corner of the porch slab would also need to be repaired, the crew came up with a new plan. In addition to installing the three proposed helical piles as scheduled, the crew added two helical piles to the porch’s corner a few weeks later. When the job was finished, the porch was lifted to maximum practical recovery, the cracks were lessened, and the stability of the porch matched the beauty of the home.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2015
Product: Helical

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