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Case Studies Ram Jack Helicals Support New Mezzanines

Ram Jack Provides Reinforcement for Folgers Coffee Company as Part of the Rowland River Project

New Orleans, Louisiana

Folgers Coffee Company initiated a plan to construct new mezzanines inside of a preexisting structure. The initiative formed part of the Rowland River Project, located at 5500 Chef Menteur Highway, New Orleans.

Folgers Coffee Company made contact with Durr Heavy Construction who assessed the situation and quickly determined the need for professional engineers. In order to provide the necessary reinforcement required by the slab, it was necessary for helical piles to be installed.

Durr Heavy Construction contracted with Ram Jack Foundation Repair - Louisiana, who agreed that the installation of helical piles would be the most feasible and long-lasting solution. The repair plan consisted of (78) 2 7⁄8 in. helical piles with 10 in. – 12 in. disc arrangement on the lead section. All were to be completed using a new construction pile cap. Ram Jack proposed engineering plans that involved saw-cutting 6-ft. sections between grade beams within the
existing slab to make the installation of new construction piles simple, fast, and effective. The Ram Jack team quickly made contact with their trusted engineering partners to set the plan into motion.

The engineering team dedicated one full day to test the piles. Thirteen days later, the helical pile installation was complete. The average pile depth was 25 ft. The expert crew was monitored closely during their daily work hour limitations, and no major changes to the original proposed solution were made. Ultimately, the additional reinforcement the existing slab needed was successfully integrated. With this task complete, the mezzanines could be effectively constructed without delay, setbacks, or limitations.

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