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Case Studies

In the serene setting of the Puyallup tribal lands, a residential property encountered a pressing issue as its foundation began to show signs of distress. The slab displayed noticeable sloping, accompanied by prominent sheetrock cracks throughout the interior, and doors that were challenging to operate due to the underlying problems. In response to the urgency, the Puyallup Tribe Housing Department engaged Ram Jack West, a well-known specialist in foundation stabilization. Despite previous attempts by another contractor, the problem persisted, necessitating a comprehensive and lasting solution. Collaborating with Wolden Structural Engineering, Ram Jack West devised a meticulous plan to address the concerns and support the dwelling. After the initial evaluations, elevations recorded with a Zip Level determined the structure was 4” out of level. The proposed solution involved installing 40 helical piles strategically positioned both inside the slab, with folding slab brackets, and along the exterior foundation stem-wall. This approach aimed to provide a more stable foundation and mitigate differential settlement, ensuring long-term support for the structure.

With precise execution and skill, the team lifted the structure, restoring its levelness. The use of Polyurethane foam, a modern technique, effectively filled the voids beneath the foundation, requiring the injection of approximately 800 lbs. of two-part component foam.

The results were impressive, with the foundation leveled within a 1/4" tolerance. The previously troublesome interior doors now operated seamlessly, and the extensive sheetrock cracks closed during the lifting process, affirming the success of the project. The housing manager and property maintenance manager expressed their satisfaction with Ram Jack West's work. The project not only restored the structural integrity of he dwelling but also reflected the tribe's commitment to preserving their property's value. Through the expertise and dedication of Ram Jack West, he home had been successfully restored, marking a remarkable achievement in the realm of foundation restoration.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2023
Application: Floor Slabs
Product: Helical
Design Capacity: 5 to 20 kips
Pile Diameter: 2 7/8"

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