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Open 365 days a year, the Northwoods Golf Course in Columbia, South Carolina offers beautiful scenery, challenging play, and the experience of friendly, Southern hospitality. While tireless attention is always paid to the fairways and greens to ensure golfers play on only the best terrain, many bridges on the course were in need of repair. Not only did these settling bridges become an eyesore for golfers, but their instability also compromised the safety of anyone who crossed them. Northwoods Golf Course contacted Ram Jack South Carolina to repair and support five bridges on various parts of the course, as well as support the clubhouse.

Problem: While the bridges were well-constructed, they were settling due to the creeks and streams eroding the banks and footings of the timbers supporting them. Not only was there significant washout of soil, but the pilings on which the bridges rested had moved, resulting in sloping pathways and unstable foundations. The bridges needed to be lifted and supported in order to improve their appearance, provide even ground on which to walk, and ensure safety for course participants. Additionally, the clubhouse was experiencing settlement between 0.4 in. and 1.1 in. in one area of the main floor.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack South Carolina proposed using beam brackets with helical piles torqued to custom depths at various locations around each bridge to raise and support them. Each bridge would require its own unique plan and engineering to ensure the support of the installation. Ram Jack proposed three helical piles with beam brackets to support the clubhouse from further settlement.

Outcome: Each bridge was raised and/or supported, and the clubhouse was supported for maximum practical recovery. Not only was the appearance of each bridge improved, but the safety of Northwoods’ golfers was secured. In total 40 helical piles were installed, and the job was completed quickly and efficiently so as not to interrupt course business and the enjoyment of golfers.

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2015
Application: Bridges
Product: Helical

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