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Case Studies Neighborhood Restoration

The Woodlawn Homes, a collection of historic houses on a Birmingham, Alabama cul-de-sac, don’t immediately appear habitable, but that won’t last. A restoration company has made it a goal to restore the homes to their original appearance and integrity. Even in their dilapidated state, it’s not hard to picture their eventual beauty once the restoration is complete.

Situation: Two of the Woodland homes undergoing restoration had severe foundation problems, evidenced by the settlement of their columns and front porches. An engineering firm proposed to repair the structures’ foundations with steel helical piles. The vintage columns were composed of mortared stone, making them particularly vulnerable to failure when lifting.

Proposed Solution: Alabama Ram Jack proposed installing helical piles to lift the falling foundations as much as practical for the structures. This would not only provide a more pleasing appearance for the homes, but it would also ensure their structural support as the restoration process continues.

Outcome: Alabama Ram Jack installed seven helical piles at the two properties, lifting the structures an average of 2 in. for maximum practical recovery. This created level front porches as well as straightening the sagging support columns. Alabama Ram Jack finished the job without any issues, much to the satisfaction of the restoration company.

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