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Memphis Pyramid: Bass Pro Shop

Case Studies

Situation: The Memphis Pyramid, future home of Bass Pro Shops, needed to undergo redevelopment and demolition. The footings under (supporting) the precast concrete (10 ft. wide x 44 ft. tall) panels at the base of the pyramid had settled up to 6 inches. This settlement caused panels to crack and pull away from the upper deck mezzanine level. The soils report indicated a very soft soil layer beginning approximatley 15-feet below grade. The blow count of the soil ranged between 1 and 10 until about 45-feet below grade.

Solution: Ram Jack of Tennessee was awarded the opportunity to work with Montgomery Martin on the Memphis Pyramid Redevelopment Project, Package 3A - Seismic. Starting in quadrant #4 (NE corner) 16 triple helicals were driven an average depth of 58 ft. From there, they moved to quadrant #3 (NW corner). Immediately, they discovered the sub-strata soil difference from Q4 where the first 7 triple helicals went an average depth of 94 ft. When moving to quadrant #2, RJTN had to bring in a larger excavator to help in the excavation process and clearing the debris within the top 8-10 ft. of soils.

Conclusion: Ram Jack of Tennessee finished on time and within budget. They were able to raise the footings using the Ram Jack patented helical piling system.

Download the full case study in PDF format.

Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2013
Foundation Type: Slab
Product: Helical

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