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Manufacturing Plant Phoenix

Case Studies

Situation: This structure was being remodeled to accommodate the addition of new heavy equipment. It was determined that to support the load, a 16’’ slab with a deep foundation system would be required.

Conclusion: Because of the soil conditions they were concerned that any movement would damage the expensive plumbing system below the floor. Over excavating enough soil to resolve this issue would be a challenge inside this existing structure. There was no room to bring in the equipment that would be needed to install caissons.

Solution: Installing 100 Ram Jack, new construction helical piles would provide a deep foundation system that would carry the heavy loads being created by the addition of new industrial equipment and prevent any movement that could damage the plumbing. The piles could be installed in a pattern that would not disturb any of the plumbing lines that had already been installed.

Conclusion: The job was completed in much less time than it would have taken to install caissons and required no cure time before the slab could be poured which kept the job on schedule.

Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2010
Product Scope: New Construction
Application: New Construction
Foundation Type: Slab
Product: Helical

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