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Magnolia Building - Structure Support

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Home to numerous doctors and business owners, the Magnolia Building in Fort Mill, South Carolina is classic, brick construction with a colonial feel. Remodeled to house offices, provide health care, and furnish other business services, the timeless structure boasts curb appeal that warmly welcomes both employees and clients. The years, however, have taken their toll on the building, and various parts of the structure were showing signs of wear and tear.

Situation: The Magnolia Building had telltale signs of foundation settlement, with cracks forming in the mortar of the brick in various areas around the structure. While the damage was not severe, it was undeniable and would undoubtedly worsen if not taken care of promptly. Business owners called Ram Jack South Carolina to assess the foundation settlement.

Proposed Solution: After an exhaustive inspection, Ram Jack South Carolina professionals proposed the installation of piles around the exterior of the building to support settling areas. The building didn’t need to be lifted; rather, it only needed support to prevent further settlement and more extensive damage in the future.

Outcome: Ram Jack South Carolina installed (20) 2 7⁄8” piles to an average depth of 84 ft. Over the course of three days, the piles were installed strategically to maximize their support of the foundation. Once the building was supported, all holes were covered and work areas cleaned. All work was completed without interrupting normal business, and when finished, the Magnolia Building was adequately supported to prevent any further foundation settlement and damage.

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Project Type: Commercial
Product Scope: 2015
Application: Historic Buildings
Product: Helical
Design Capacity: 26 to 50 kips
Pile Diameter: 2 7/8"

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