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Case Studies Lugoff Water Treatment Plant - Support

The Lugoff Water Treatment Plant in Ridgeway, South Carolina provides the local community with the clean water it needs for daily activities. The plant itself relies on adequate electricity as well as precise control over the various steps in the water treatment process in order to provide that clean water. Settlement of one of the control cabinets for the plant could cause issues with providing clean water.

Problem: Located on one side of the water treatment facility, the control cabinet had separated from the structure due to soil shifting and foundation settlement. The top of the cabinet, which was once flush with the building, was now 5 in. away. While this posed no threat to the building’s structural integrity, all of the electronic equipment for that part of the facility runs through the cabinet, putting the plant’s operational activities in jeopardy.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack South Carolina proposed the installation of three helical piles to lift and support the concrete pad on which the control panel rested, two on the sides and one in the front. The piles would be used to lift the control cabinet and its foundation back to their original position while supporting it to prevent future settlement.

Outcome: Once the job began, Ram Jack South Carolina ran into some unforeseen problems and adjusted its original plan, installing two helical piles and one driven pile. The job proved complicated, as there were 13 different pipes entering the control panel, each containing important wiring. Furthermore, there was excessive debris below the concrete pad. While the job was tedious, Ram Jack South Carolina was able to lift the concrete pad about 3 in., satisfying the customer’s expectations and ensuring the structural integrity of the control panel to prevent any interruption in the water treatment process.

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