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Case Studies Longwood Gardens Nature Preserve Trail

Introduction: While Ram Jack’s primary business may be foundation repair on residential and commercial structures, we’re always up for a new and interesting challenge. So when Longwood Gardens asked us to help them construct a nature preserve pathway on their gorgeous grounds in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, we were more than excited. Home to one of the most gorgeous and vast horticultural collections in the Northeast, Longwood Gardens hosts over 1 million tourists and visitors every year. With over 1,000 acres of beautiful meadows, blooming flowers, and exotic plants, it is world renowned for its beauty and horticultural diversity.

Problem: Longwood Gardens desired to construct a nature preserve trail that connects some of the various attractions on their grounds. The elevated trail would need support and strength in addition to an aesthetic consistent with the surrounding beauty. Complicating the issue was the desire to construct the trail with as little disruption as possible to the indigenous plants and natural environment of the protected wetlands.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack Tri-States, Inc. proposed the use of 2 3/8 in. mutli-helix piles with galvanized shafts in the new construction project to support the elevated walkway. Each pile would be strategically placed to provide maximum support to the walkway with minimal invasion of the ground below. Desiring a company with previous experience and a proven track record of success, Longwood Gardens chose Ram Jack Tri-States to complete the project.

Ouctome: Over the course of three months, the qualified and experienced experts at Ram Jack Tri-States worked with construction managers and contractors to complete construction on the nature path. Ram Jack installed five hundred (500) 2 3/8 in. multi-helix piles with galvanized shafts to an average depth of 10 ft., completing the job as desired.

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