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Case Studies Kennedy Space Center

Situation: Florida Foundation Repair of Jacksonville, FL was contacted to support the proposed vibration table that is being constructed as a testing apparatus at the Kennedy Space Center’s Cryogenics Testing Lab. This impressive testing device will rigorously test various shuttle components, including cryogenic components, low-temperature applications and propellant servicing systems. The engineered design required the foundation to support the 60,000 lb dead load of the equipment and the anticipated 515 psf live load created by the vibration table while in use; however, the proposed reinforced 8” slab and soil conditions could not handle the load requirements alone. Any displacement of soils could prove to compromise overall testing results.

Solution: With an ultimate capacity of 50 kips and working/allowable capacity of 25 kips, Rush Construction requested that Ram Jack provide a solution to meet load requirements. (9) Ram Jack 2-7/8” Helical pilings with a 10”-12” helix configuration and new construction pile caps were installed at the Cryogenics Testing Lab.

Conclusion: Preventative helical pilings with new construction pile caps installed to support the vibration table’s foundation will ensure support of the sensitive testing equipment. Ram Jack’s minimally invasive and quick installation helped the progression of the project, and allowed Rush Construction to stay on schedule.

Download the full case study in PDF format.