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Case Studies Keaton Beach - Seawall

A failing seawall can spell disaster in so many ways. In the case of the Keaton Beach project in Perry, Florida, it may have led to damage for the property within the boat houses built along the seawall’s border.

Problem: Supporting a boathouse aside a number of raised two story residences, a 330 ft. seawall at Keaton Beach was failing. Portions of it were leaning, and the entire area was in danger of resultant damage.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack Solid Foundations proposed replacing the entire seawall with a new one. The new seawall would include Ram Jack’s steel tiebacks to support the wall while minimizing the potential for future problems. These tiebacks would be strategically placed to maximize support and ensure the highest level of structural stability.

Outcome: Ram Jack Solid Foundations installed a 20ft. tall, 330 ft. long seawall with 33 Ram Jack tiebacks behind the existing wall and an adjacent boathouse that extended the length of the new wall. In order to prevent the boathouse from damage during the new wall’s installation, Ram Jack had to tieback each column of the boathouse to an existing slab 14 ft. away. The job proved to be very complicated and took longer than expected. However, Ram Jack Solid Foundations overcame the difficulty to beautifully install the new wall.

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