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Home Built On Steep Slope

Case Studies

Introduction: Foundation settlement is somewhat inevitable. Even with flawless construction and the best building materials, the ground beneath every home will shift and settle due to moisture, weather, and other factors. That’s exactly what happened with this residence in Birmingham, Alabama. The beautiful brick home was solidly built; however, Father Time eventually got his way, and the foundation began to settle. The homeowners called Alabama Ram Jack for a solution.

Situation: The foundation in the rear of the home had experienced significant settlement, pulling laterally away from the home and creating gaps between the basement floor and walls. Built on a steep slope, the home’s construction created unique problems. Not only had the footings pulled out, but they also pulled down due to the angle of construction. The settling foundation created not only a cosmetic problem but also created safety concerns, as the structural stability of the home was in question.

Proposed Solution: Alabama Ram Jack proposed using a combination of 12 driven piles and 12 helical tie-back piles to provide vertical support to the foundation as well as to prevent any outward movement. Eight (8) new construction helical piles would also be replaced to support a to-be-built rear deck that would replace the deteriorated existing one.

Outcome: The professionals at Alabama Ram Jack completed the plan as proposed, lifting the foundation over 1 in. using 32 total piles installed to an average depth of 12 ft. Maximum practical recovery was achieved. Ram Jack’s solution also provided an even base for the construction of a new deck and the structural strength the home needs to remain stable for years.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2014

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