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Greene Street United Methodist Church

Case Studies

The Greene Street United Methodist Church in Columbia, South Carolina dates back nearly a century. Built in 1921, the church addition matched the appearance of the rest of the church; however, it lacked the same structural support. It was built without a proper footing, which over time allowed excessive foundation settlement.

Problem: Large cracks visible above the front window and on both sides of the building indicated that the foundation below had shifted and settled. If left untreated, more serious foundation problems would undoubtedly follow. Special consideration would need to be given to the repair plan of such an old structure on an unsure footing.

Proposed Solution: After visiting the site, a Ram Jack South Carolina foundation repair expert met with both the owner and a structural engineer to ensure proper planning for the repair. The proposed solution included using seven multi-helix piles, with a 10” – 12” helix arrangement, consisting of four on the left corner of the structure and three on the right. These piles would support the foundation only, as lifting the structure posed a high risk of further damage.

Outcome: In under a day, Ram Jack South Carolina installed the proposed helical piles, torqued to an average depth of 15 ft. embedment, achieving maximum practical recovery. The church’s structural integrity was restored, and its service to the community could continue uninterrupted.

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2015
Application: Historic Buildings
Product: Helical

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