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Grain Bin Foundation Failure and Recovery

Case Studies

Ram Jack Supports Converted Steel Grain Bin​

Columbia, MO​

Over 15 years ago, primary manufacturers of livestock feed and suppliers of plant food and crop protection products, MFA Incorporated ran into problems with the placement of a large grain bin on soil not sufficiently compacted to withstand the weight of the steel bin.

The soil beneath a 50-ft. diameter steel grain bin began settling on one side as a result of the soil not being sufficiently compacted to properly support the steel bin. The quarter-inch steel was settling on the grade and needed supporting.

The major concern for MFA was the strength and integrity of the steel grain bin with pilings beneath it. Ram Jack Mid Missouri recently attended a geo-tech seminar about the effects of the shear line of soil on the lifting of a structure: Unexcavated dirt would shear at a 45-degree angle up and away from the structure. Ram Jack worked with the MFA engineer and designed a plan that would strengthen the bin with the installation of pilings. Vertical wide-flange beams would be attached to the bin every six feet, attaching the pilings on a plated bottom. (19) 2 3⁄8 in. helical piles with side-load brackets would be used in conjunction with Ram Jack's calculated placement for maximum pratical recovery.

The project was completely successful. Ram Jack installed piles to an average depth of 36 ft. and locked at 3,300 ft.-lbs. No stress was caused to the bin, and it has stood with no problems for the past 15 years. Thinking outside of the box, one can often find solutions for customers. MFA Incorporated has remained a faithful customer of Ram Jack since the completion of this successful project.

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2017
Product: Helical
Pile Diameter: 2 3/8"

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