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Georgetown Home Stabilization

Case Studies

Introduction: Owning a home on the beautiful bay in Georgetown, South Carolina, where the Pee Dee River and Waccamaw River meet should bring about a sense of calm and peace; however, seeing cracks in the structure can cause a homeowner anxiety even in the quaint setting.

The Situation: This Georgetown home was showing signs of foundation distress; cracks began appearing in the walkway, a column on the front porch, as well as the foundation. Having used Ram Jack South Carolina in the past, the homeowner called again for an inspection.

Proposed Solution: After evaluating the home, the Ram Jack specialist proposed using 32 Helical Exterior Piles to fix the home’s foundation. Two piles would be used to support the corner of the garage, with a third pile used to support the raised brick porch. Two more piles would support the raised garden, and another would reinforce the cracking column on the porch. Six piles would be needed to support the garage, eight to support the columns through the concrete, and twelve to bolster the garage through the concrete. The goal of the job was to support the home and lift uneven areas.

The Outcome: Repairing this home proved to be a long, complicated job. The crew leader, along with his hard-working crew, drilled through concrete and had to deal with multiple feet of water in many of the holes. Though difficult, the job was successfully completed. In the end, 32 Helical Exterior Piles were installed to an average depth of 23.75 ft. The homeowner was extremely happy with the results, noting the quality of the work as well as the diligent and accommodating nature of the Ram Jack employees.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2014
Application: Tieback
Product: Helical

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