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Case Studies Gazebo Recovery Over Pond

Problem: Ram Jack evaluated a burgaw, north carolina gazebo built over a pond on eight (8) 8 in. by 8 in. timber piles embedded 6 to 8 feet below grade. The piles had settled approximately 12 inches. Half of the wood piles were also located in the pond.

Proposed Solution: A North Carolina licensed engineer specified eight Ram Jack helical piles: four on the land side and four water side. Piles were to be installed to a depth where the soil density was strong enough to provide a proper load bearing stratum in order to lift the gazebo back into position. Ram Jack Foundation Solutions proposed using the 2 7/8in. diameter helical piles with a single 12 inch helix along with the Ram Jack patented coastal Timber bracket attached to the 8 in. by 8 in. timber piles.

Outcome: The Ram Jack hydraulically-driven twin-cylinder piling system allowed Ram Jack Residential Foundation Solutions to achieve complete recovery with 12 in. of lift quickly. The four land side helical piles were driven an average of 11 ft., and the four helical piles on the water side of the gazebo were driven an average of 25 ft. Laser levels were used to ensure the gazebo was square during the lifting of the structure. This same system has been used to lift various types of buildings and structures across the country, including the beaches in Galveston, TX; eastern nc; and now in new Jersey to help in the hurricane Sandy Rebuilding project.

Download the full case study in PDF format