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Front Porch Separation

Case Studies

Introduction: The entryway to a home makes one of two statements. It may be warm and welcoming, inviting visitors and guests inside; or it may be cold and uninviting, prompting guests to think twice before knocking on the door. When running a cozy family household, an unsightly crack in the home’s façade can cause concern.

Situation: A homeowner in Goose Creek, South Carolina, noticed a crack forming near her home’s front door; she was anxious to get it taken care of as soon as possible. She contacted Ram Jack for the inspection and repair. A thorough inspection of the property confirmed the initial complaint. Just adjacent to the home’s front door on the left side of the front steps was a large crack in the mortar of the brick wall. A similar fracture in the mortar was also found in the bricks on the right side of the front steps. Additionally, the entire front porch appeared to be separating from the main structure, as evidenced by a crack along the entire length of the brick where it meets the porch.

Proposed Solution: The Ram Jack South Carolina inspector proposed the installation of four helical piles. Tiles would be removed from the front porch, and the helical piles would be strategically located to lift the front porch back into place and restore the structural integrity of the porch and walls. The front porch would then be re-tiled, concealing the newly installed helical piles.

Outcome: Four (4) 2 3/8 in. diameter helical piles with slab brackets were installed as proposed. The piles reached an average depth of 10 ft. and lifted the front porch and damaged wall 1⁄2 in. for a complete recovery from the foundation settlement damage. Additionally, the fractures and cracks in the brick were closed, restoring the home’s beauty along with its structural integrity.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2014
Application: Decks & Gazebos
Product: Helical
Design Capacity: 5 to 25 kips
Pile Diameter: 2 3/8"

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