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Case Studies Foundation Settlement No Match For Ram Jack Helical Piles

Bellevue, WA

Living on lakefront property can be quite enjoyable, especially in a beautiful home like this one on Lake Sammamish in Bellevue, Washington. Unfortunately, foundation issues are no respecter of persons, as the owners of this scenic dwelling found out.

This home sits only 20 ft. from the shoreline of Lake Sammamish, which causes the water table to run directly underneath the property. Changes in the water table, coupled with expansion of the home through multiple additions over time led to serious settlement, leaving large cracks throughout the slab foundation.

After carefully evaluating the property, Ram Jack West proposed a solution that would restore the structure which had settled up to 5 in. in some areas.

Working with Stark Foundations, a local engineering firm, Ram Jack implemented helical piles, tie-back anchors, and driven piles to support the structure and provide solid support from the strong strata deep within the ground. Piles were installed at an average depth of 34 ft. into the earth, providing necessary support. Utilizing 24 helical piles and 50 driven piles, the home was lifted 4 in. and the owners’
fears were relieved. When speaking of our involvement in the project, the customer told us, “Thanks for all of your exceptional work...”

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