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Case Studies

Located in a Washington, Utah housing tract built on expansive bedrock locally known as “blue clay,” this residence looked to be in perfect condition on the surface. However, underneath its post-tension slab foundation, the “blue clay,” which is particularly susceptible to expansion and contraction, was slowly shifting, and the residence could not escape the resulting foundation issues.


Over time, the “blue clay” absorbed extensive amounts of water, causing expansion of the clay. Faulty irrigation and grading in the backyard exacerbated the problem, and the final result was up to 4.5 in. of heave at the back of the house. From the back to the front, the house had a significant slope, and the floors were clearly uneven.

Proposed Solution

After a thorough inspection and analysis of the soil, Ram Jack Utah engineers recommended the use of helical piles to support the post-tensioned slab while the soil beneath was excavated. Once removed, the pile support system would lower the single family residence back to its original elevation, removing any slope and restoring the structure to its original condition.


After removing the concrete from the perimeter of the home, the helical piles were installed and the “blue clay” soil was excavated using a Vac-Tron high pressure water system. Ram Jack Utah employees were careful not to compromise any existing rebar and foundation. Once the soil was excavated, the home was lowered to proper elevation. A water barrier was also installed to prevent subsequent water damage in the newly created space beneath the home. The pavement was replaced, and the home was good as new. The owner was more than satisfied with the job.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2004
Foundation Type: Slab
Product: Helical

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