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Case Studies Failing Retaining Wall Supported with Ram Jack Tieback System

Heredia Wal-Mart | Tiebacks Straighten Leaning Wall

San José, CR

Wal-Mart has long extended past the borders of the US and remains a budget- conscious shopping staple even in many remote countries. Located just north of the capitol city of San José, Costa Rica, the newly built Heredia Wal-Mart is one such establishment, providing for the shopping needs of both locals and tourists alike.


Built aside an existing retaining wall that separated the Heredia Wal-Mart from its neighbors, the excavation process during construction resulted in soil pile-up against the wall, causing it to lean toward the adjacent property. Complicating the situation was a large water tank near the wall that would need to be avoided during any work. In addition, the concrete used to build the wall was sub-par quality and limited in strength, likely due to being hand-batched many years ago. Temporary shoring beams were installed immediately to ensure the safety of the work crew during any and all construction.

Proposed Solution

Ram Jack Centro America proposed excavating the soil near the wall, installing tiebacks through the existing columns supporting the wall, and installing new construction brackets so further tiebacks could be fastened. The tiebacks would both straighten the leaning wall and improve its structural integrity.


Using a core drill to bore holes through the columns and a jack-hammer to chew through needed sections of the wall, Ram Jack Centro America set itself up for success. Once work started, it became clear that the structural integrity of the wall would not allow it to be moved. Instead of straightening it, Ram Jack Centro America decided to support it in place. When finished, ten piles were installed to an average depth of 24 ft., and numerous tiebacks were installed to support the wall, providing the structural support needed to restore stability. The contractor and engineer were more than pleased with the results. In fact, the contractor has used Ram Jack Centro America for two subsequent jobs!

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