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Case Studies Emergency Call Box Supported with Sign Dart

Ram Jack Hastens Installation of Emergency Call Boxes on the University of California San Diego Campus

San Diego, California

The University of California San Diego contacted CASE Systems, Inc., to install emergency call box systems in strategic places on their sprawling campus near the Pacific Ocean. Due to the considerable size of the campus and the high foot traffic, CASE needed an accelerated and more conducive way of installing these boxes, rather than the traditional installation of caisson footings. CASE previously worked with Ram Jack Texas. Ram Jack Texas consulted with Ram Jack Pacific to find a solution for the installations in San Diego.

CASE Systems Inc., a wireless emergency call box manufacturer, produces emergency call box systems for university campuses, public roads, and transit stations. The University of California San Diego requested a system of call boxes in various locations on their considerable campus. The UCSD campus occupies 2,141 acres of land near the coast of the Pacific Ocean, with the sprawling main campus resting on approximately 1,152 acres. Due to the substantial size of the campus, CASE decided it would be prudent to forgo the traditional installation
of caisson footings and to find a more expedient alternative to the installation of the call boxes.

Case Systems Inc. and Ram Jack engineers worked together and proposed to design a custom Sign Dart. The Sign Dart could be driven rapidly into soil to provide a sturdy base for the call system. The mount is four feet long with a single helical disc on the bottom. Additionally, the Sign Dart has a square transfer plate on the top with a mounting plate attached for leveling, as well as a free-spinning three fin collar just below the transfer plate. This will be pulled into the soil by the helical plate to provide lateral support.

Ram Jack Pacific installed eight Sign Darts in segmented sections across the university campus. The Sign Dart proved to be an excellent solution for the logistics and abbreviated timeline of the project. Ram Jack’s solution of the Sign Dart allowed CASE to quickly install the emergency call boxes without the need to wait for concrete to dry and reduced trip hazards during the construction phase. Ram Jack and CASE were able to install each mount, then install and program each call box in a maximum of 45 minutes per station. Ram Jack Pacific allowed UCSD to receive their wireless emergency call boxes in an expedient manner.

To learn more about Sign Dart™, contact Justin Presley, General Accounts Manager at Ram Jack National, LLC. 580-279-3318

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