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Case Studies

There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm fire on a cold winter day. The warmth emanating through the room, the soft crackle of the wood, and the shadows dancing on the walls - they all add up to a wonderful winter experience.

Situation: The chimney beside the Columbia, South Carolina home had settled, separating the top of the chimney as much as 8 in. from the exterior wall. The chimney appeared to be leaning away from the home, and the homeowners contacted Ram Jack South Carolina to evaluate the structure.

Proposed Solution: After a thorough inspection, Ram Jack South Carolina professionals recommended installing two helical piles at the corners of the chimney. The piles would lift the chimney back to its original position while providing the support needed to prevent further settlement.

Outcome: In just one day, Ram Jack South Carolina installed (2) 2 7⁄8” helical piles. These piles lifted the chimney so it was once again flush with the home’s exterior wall, closing the 8 in. gap, and eliminating almost all cosmetic defects. The job went smoothly, and the homeowners were completely satisfied with the service provided and finished result.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2015
Application: Chimney Settlement
Product: Helical
Pile Diameter: 2 7/8"

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