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Buckman Chemical Lab - New Construction

Case Studies

Specializing in manufacturing chemicals for water treatment, pulp, paper, and leather industries, the Buckman Chemical Lab in Memphis, Tennessee ran into an unforeseen problem when attempting to install two new chemical tanks. The 3500 and 6500 gallon tanks weighed too much for the soil beneath them to provide support, forcing Buckman Chemicals to contact Ram Jack Tennessee to remedy the situation.

The soil beneath the extremely heavy tanks was simply not equipped to adequately support their weight. Furthermore, the tanks were designed to store unstable, volatile, and dangerous chemicals, making it vitally important that the tanks rest on a solid, immoveable foundation.

Proposed Solution
Working with SSR, Inc., a local engineering firm, Ram Jack Tennessee experts determined the loads required to support the tanks and designed an ideal layout for the helical pile installation. The height of the building limited the type of installation equipment that could be used as well as the deep foundation system that could be installed. In order to make up for these limitations, Ram Jack proposed the use of 2 7⁄8 in. threaded connection helical piles along with 3 1⁄2 in. diameter, 5 ft. long external sleeves. This combination would resist the 2000 lb. lateral loads on the piles without having to use larger diameter piles or install tieback anchors, saving the client both time and money without compromising the structural integrity needed to support the tanks.

Over the course of two days while working in extremely tight areas, Ram Jack Tennessee successfully completed the Buckman Chemical Lab project. The job proved tedious at times due to the proximity of unstable, dangerous chemicals; however, Ram Jack employees remained dedicated to safety while simultaneously ensuring a job well done. When finished, (24) 2 7⁄8 in. triple 8”-10”-12” helical piles with 5 ft. sleeves and new construction brackets were installed to an average depth of 40 ft., adequately supporting the loads of the massive chemical tanks. After the job was completed, Mr. Kyle Maxwell, an employee of SSR, Inc. stated, “I really appreciate all of the help on designing the piers and for the great, fast job.”

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2016
Foundation Type: Slab
Product: Helical
Design Capacity: 5 to 25 kips
Pile Diameter: 2 7/8"

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