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Bethany Beach Boardwalk

Case Studies

Situation: The original job description seemed pretty ordinary: construct a boardwalk supported by helical piles in the Bethany Beach, Delaware, area, connecting the beach to the saltpond, so nature lovers could enjoy areas of the park previously inaccessible to humans. The walkway was to be six feet wide and thirty inches off of the ground. The tricky parts? Don’t disturb anything beyond one foot on either side of the walkway. The “ground” itself is more like “swampland.” Oh, yes, and watch out for snakes and other wildlife.

Solution: This boardwalk is the first of four sections of a nature trail that is being constructed in the area, connecting Bethany Beach to the saltpond, tying the two separate regions together for the first time. The path will link outlook areas along the way, allowing environmentalists and nature lovers to observe the wildlife, including osprey nesting areas, up close and personal. The job piqued the interest of Scott MacKay, President, Ram Jack of the TriStates, “Even though the project initially specified a competing company’s products, I knew Ram Jack had superior products for this type of job, so I was confident we had the better bid.” MacKay knew that Ram Jack’s durable thermal set plastic coated piles resist corrosion and are environmentally friendly, making them ideal for this wetlands application. “Our powder-coated piles are ICC-ES recognized,” MacKay says with confidence. “They don’t rust or leak zinc into the groundwater, thereby contaminating it and endangering the fragile ecosystem.” MacKay ultimately installed 136 vertical helical piles, plus 68 tie-backs for additional support. “You can drive your car on this boardwalk, that’s how stable it is,” he states proudly.

Conclusion: Throughout all phases of the project, MacKay worked closely with the Prime Consultants, Landscape Architectural Services, LLC of Dover, Delaware and N.W. Johnson, Builders, General Contractors, for Phase I. The Town of Bethany Beach has just set the benches with signage to follow shortly on the first section of boardwalk, and is placing the stone for the second set of walkways. Meanwhile, Scott MacKay and his staff are standing by – with their hip waders and tall boots on, of course!

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2009
Product Scope: New Construction
Product: Helical

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