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Case Studies A Permanent Solution for Alaskan Earthquake Foundation Damage

When a magnitude 7.1 earthquake wrecked havoc on the foundations in their community in November 2018, Anchorage homeowners
the McCann’s saw immediate foundation damage. Like many in their community, the earthquake had caused the soil beneath their
home to liquefy and their foundations to settle several inches almost instantly. After seeing the recent seismic testing which was
performed at the University of California San Diego using Ram Jack’s helical piles, the McCann family knew exactly who to call, Ram
Jack West. Ram Jack's steel piles extend through liquefiable soils with the strength to support structural loads but are slender enough to
act as a damping system. By the piles acting as a damping system, the full force of the earthquake is not transferred to the structure.

After a thorough examination of the project, Ram Jack West proposed a solution of 63 piles as well as poly foam injection. 50 of the
piles were needed in the large crawlspace area, 11 on the exterior of the garage’s foundation, and two piles were to support the entry’s overhang support columns. Polyfoam was to be injected
beneath the footings, as well as leveling and void-filling
the floor slab of the three-car garage.

The project went as planned, recovering 3 inches of
settlement and reaching maximum practical recovery. The
McCann’s were left with peace of mind and said that “Ram
Jack West’s crew did a phenomenal job start to finish,
keeping us updated as each phase of the project took
place. Very happy they were able to get us in before the
ground froze.” They know they don’t have to worry about
another earthquake wrecking their home.

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