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New Construction Helical Piers in West Virginia

Preconstruction Services in Charleston, Parkersburg, & Southern Ohio
Illustration of preconstruction phase: helical piers installed with concrete being poured over them

Our foundation contractors at Moran Construction, Inc. can help you prepare to lay the foundation of your residence or commercial space. We offer helical anchor installation to secure the foundations for buildings that require deep foundations.

If you are in the process of evaluating a construction project, we can help you with the preparing to lay the foundation with foundation services like soil support and installation of helical anchors.

Request an appointment regarding preconstruction services and pier foundations call (740) 444-4773 today.

Preserve the Value of Your New Home or Building

Helical anchors installed prior to construction prevent downward settlement before it starts. By monitoring hydraulic pressures, anchors are load tested as they are installed.

Helical anchor

Helical Piers for New Construction: What Makes Them An Ideal Option?

Helical anchors have some of the greatest versatility for different construction applications. They are sought after for their usefulness in securing a deep foundation, and also for their relative ease of installation.

Below are reasons that helical anchors are an ideal choice for construction projects.

Speed of Installation

A helical pile can be installed faster than traditional concrete foundations. Once a helical anchor is attached to a torque motor, it can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Designs for Different Purposes

Based on the unique soil conditions and type of construction project, there are a variety of helical piles to choose from.

Can Be Installed in a Variety Terrain & Soil Types

Helical anchors can be a great option even in rocky soils. They can be installed at an angle and in some cases horizontally for sloping terrain.

No Need for Excavation

While traditional foundations require excavation and leveling soil, helical anchors can be installed without removing soil.

No Downtime for Curing

Once a helical pile is installed, it can begin bearing a load. This cuts down on wait time for projects involving concrete that needs to dry.

Contact Our Pre-Construction & Foundation Contractors

Our foundation contractors serve most of West Virginia including Parkersburg and Charleston. We also serve regions across Southern Ohio.

To learn more about helical anchor installation from Moran Construction, Inc., you can reach us at (740) 444-4773 today.

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