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Foundation Repair in Charleston, WV

Foundation Experts Repairing Settlement and Damage, Waterproofing Problems and More

The foundation contractors at Moran Construction, Inc. have expertise with repairing and providing solutions for every major form of damage. If you need the expertise of a Charleston foundation repair contractor, we encourage you to contact our professionals. Our experts use American-made Ram Jack helical anchors alongside other quality products like Carbon-fiber/kevlar grid straps, so that you can be confident your solution will last.

Because no two foundations are alike, getting a foundation inspection is an important first step to understanding what the real issues are. Get in touch with our foundation contractors in Charleston, West Virginia by calling (740) 444-4773 today!

Three Types of Foundations

The three different foundation types will all usually require different solutions. No matter what kind of foundation you have, we can help.

  • Slab: Poured concrete without anything in between the slab and floor
  • Basement: The walls of the this living or storage space comprise part of the foundation. (We also provide basement waterproofing.)
  • Crawlspace: Another type of raised foundation (built above ground)

Signs of Foundation Problems in Charleston, WV

If you are noticing issues that appear to relate to your foundation, it is best to get an inspection right away. Waiting on repairs almost certainly means worse damage and more costs later on.

Here are some common issues that may require concrete foundation repair:

  • Bulging on exterior walls
  • The concrete around your home is cracking
  • You have sloped floors inside the home
  • You have trouble opening or shutting doors completely
  • Cracks are forming in the walls or ceiling
  • The chimney is rotating or misaligned
  • You have drainage issues around the home

Causes of Foundation Problems

There are many reasons why a home's foundation can begin to fail. Many of them relate to water or soil conditions. While it is natural for a home to settle over time, too much shifting is something that can happen without careful attention and foresight.


One of the most common reasons why foundations suffer damage is because of insufficient drainage. Too much moisture leads to erosion of soil that acts as a support for foundation walls.

Soil Expansion & Contraction

Clay soils, prevalent in the Midwest, are a leading cause of foundation issues. Clay soil can retain water better than most soils. As a result, it can expand significantly. The pressure and release of expanding and contracting soil will eventually lead to damage.

Plumbing Leaks

Like drainage problems, the core issue is the presence of water. Leaks can lead to foundation movement if they are not discovered quickly.

Poor Construction or Soil Compaction

A contractor that fails to allow proper curing time or fails to compact the soil sufficiently will set up a home for failure later on.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, give our Charleston, WV foundation repair team a call at (740) 444-4773.