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Polyurethane Services

Commercial Polyurethane Injection

Commercial Poly Foam Solutions for commercial buildings, warehouses, industrial facilities, roadways and more

Ram Jack Trailer

Sinking slabs, trip hazards, and erosion problems can compromise buildings, warehouses, and roadways. Property owners, property managers, engineers, and building supervisors are continually tasked with correcting these issues and making sure facilities are safe.

Ram Jack of North Carolina has a revolutionary polyurethane foam injection product that is designed to lift, correct, and repair sinking settling concrete with precision and great speed.

Ram Jack of North Carolina can repair Commercial and Residential Slabs, Warehouse and Industrial floors, concrete highways, Culverts and catch basins, bridges, tunnels, storm drains, retaining walls, sea walls, and more.

BeforeUneven Concrete


Level Concrete
Our poly foam injection can be installed quickly and quietly with small crews and very little disruption—no heavy breaking or excavation. Our state-of-the-art poly foam rigs allow us to drill, lift, and clean in record time.

Ram Jack Foam Technicians are hand-picked problem-solvers extensively trained in the field. We choose from a wide variety of foams and applications to provide the longest-lasting solutions that save money and time. From the meticulous care involved in producing quality foam from our rigs to the small details after clean up, we are a group that truly loves what we do.

Contact Ram Jack of North Carolina today to learn more about our commercial polyurethane foam injection services. On-site evaluations and lunch and learns are available.

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