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Montgomery Basement Wall Repair

Is Your Home Or Business Suffering From Foundation Failure? We Understand The Problems… We Have The Solutions.

Basement walls are not only part of your subterranean living space, but also the foundation that your above ground home sits upon. When basement walls begin to fail water can start to find its way in more freely and can compromise the rest of the structure.

Whether your basement is block or concrete, our patented systems can be configured to fit your need. The Mongomery field consultants at Ram Jack Foundation Specialists are equipped with over three hundred highly engineered products to properly configure several options in the repair of your basement walls. See some of our illustrations to further explain how the system works.

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How to Fix Bowing Basement Wall

Bowed basement walls

1. Bowed Basement Walls: Soil pressures vary by the season and can cause walls of basements to be pushed in and begin to fail. Failing basement walls can compromise the above ground structure.

Recovering bowed walls

2. Recovering bowed walls: In order to recover the bowed basement walls, the soil must be removed in order to relieve pressure. Our helical tiebacks can then be installed into deep soils that will properly resist the force of the walls; the walls can then be pulled back into place.

Preventing future foundation problems

3. Preventing future problems: After the repair has been made, the hole is backfilled with gravel next to the walls. Gravel does not exert extreme pressures when soaked with water and lessens the force on your walls that are held in place by our helical piling.

Support of foundation

4. Support: It is an option to simply sustain the basement walls by installing helical piling into deep soils, preventing the walls from further damage.

Make an appointment to learn about our bowed basement wall repairs in Montgomery or start by calling (334) 203-9336.