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Foundation Issues Caused by Water

Kansas City Foundation Repair

Our recommendation is to always start from the outside for obvious or "maintenance" sources such as gutters, downspouts, or poor grading; but if everything is in order and leaks persist Spartan Ram Jack has cost effective, efficient ways to resolve different leaking issues.

Crack Repair

Crack repair processIs a fast efficient way to stop water leaks from specific cracks. Material is pressure injected through the entire thickness of the wall to form a water tight seal. Urethane injections are typically a two part component that mix and expand into the crevices, capillary cracks, and micro fissures of concrete to form a water tight compression seal. Because urethane remains flexible after curing, this is an ideal material for the Kansas City area's seasonal changes, which causes soil movement and stress on your foundation. Crack injection is the ideal choice when an economical repair is necessary.

  1. Injection Ports
  2. Injection Gun
  3. Concrete Wall
  4. Full Injection Penetration

Interior Drainage Systems

Are designed to collect leaking water before it comes onto the floor and damages the contents of your home or building. They are typically installed at the floor/wall joint or under floor slabs and direct water to a sump system. Interior drain systems are also effective if you have severe cracking or multiple leak sources.

SafeWall wall panelsA great option in many situations is our interior leak repair system. Our specially designed SafeDrainTM interior drainage system gives you a lifetime warrantied solution for your basement water problems without the mess and damage of exterior excavation. Compared to similar systems, our SafeDrainTM channel has a lower profile, which allows for a thicker finished floor when the job is complete. This allows you to get the maximum water flow, while maintaining the integrity of your basement floor. When used with the optional SafeWall wall panels, our system leaves you with a clean, finished appearance.

  1. Concrete is removed around the perimeter of the affected walls.
  2. Dirt, gravel, and other debris are cleaned off the exposed footing.
  3. SafeDrainTM system is installed in the newly created channel.
  4. SafeDrainTM system is connected to the sump system.
  5. Maximum concrete thickness is restored.

Sump Pump & Battery Backup Systems

A properly installed sump system can quickly and quietly drain water beneath a slab. Spartan Ram Jack installs only high capacity cast iron submersible pumps to ensure long life. Our sump wells are available with a reinforced bolted lid to allow for foot traffic should your sump system be placed in a finished area. They are also sealed to prevent unpleasant or harmful odors from coming up through the lid.

Sump pump diagramFor your ultimate peace of mind, we install only the best sump pumps available. Our professional installers will place your sump pump system in the optimum location to ensure that the water which accumulates under and around your basement is taken as far away from your home as possible. Ram Jack offers several different systems which include battery back-ups and maintenance free batteries. We also offer “traffic rated” systems which can be carpeted over and safely walked on, to give you the best performance with the versatility to integrate the sump system into your finished basement.

  1. Primary Pump
  2. Backup Pump
  3. Battery Box
  4. Control Module

Battery Backup Units

Are also available for sump systems. This is often a nice inexpensive "insurance" against power or pump failure. Backup systems are comprised of a secondary pump, a backup battery supply and an AC charging block. In correctly sizing a backup unit, we recommend a flow rate no less than 2/3 of your primary pump. It does no good to have a backup if it will not keep up with the flow during a rain event.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing In many cases, exterior excavation and waterproofing is the best way to solve your basement leak issues. In this situation, our experienced technicians excavate the soil from the exterior of the wall and install a high-quality waterproofing and drainage system. This will prevent the water from entering your walls and remove the water away from the house. When we have completed the installation, the soil is filled in and compacted.


PolyjackingDo you have uneven concrete, such as a driveway, patio, or sidewalk? Before you pay for high cost concrete replacement, you should consider Polyjacking. Polyjacking fills washed out voids or settlement and can raise your concrete slab back to level. Polyjacking is an economical alternative to replacement of your concrete. Polyjacking also requires no concrete demolition which prevents heavy equipment from damaging your beautiful yard.

Spartan Wall Anchor

Spartan wall anchorThe Spartan Wall Anchor is a proven, versatile, engineered solution to bowing or leaning basement walls. Our wall anchor can be used to sustain your basement walls whether they are made of concrete block, concrete, clay tile, or even stone! It is a great alternative to the costly replacement of your basement walls. The Spartan Wall Anchor is a specially designed system that utilizes the resistance of the earth outside your basement to firmly hold your walls in place. The system consists of three main elements: An inner wall plate, an outer soil anchor, and a connecting rod which allows for subsequent tightening of the assembly. This tightening, over time, may allow you to regain some of the inward movement your wall has experienced. The Spartan Anchor’s low-profile wall bracket gives you great flexibility to complete your basement finish without the obvious appearance of a repair.

  1. Wall Plate
  2. Anchor Rod
  3. Anchor Plate

Wall Braces

Wall bracesVertical wall braces are a tried and true repair for bowing or leaning basement walls. Over the years, we have installed thousands of Spartan Wall Braces with outstanding results. The specialized vertical steel beam is connected to the concrete floor below and to the floor joist assembly above, to utilize the massive resistance of your structure to prevent further inward wall movement.

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