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Polyjacking Solutions in Kansas City

If you have an uneven driveway, patio or sidewalk you may want to consider concrete raising (polyjacking). We can fill in voids that have been washed out under slabs and do our best to return the concrete to at or near level with areas that haven’t dropped. As one customer said “I wish we had done this a long time ago, [the driveway] looks so much better now!”

PolyjackingRam Jack worker polyjacking is often about half the cost of tearing out and replacing concrete, with fantastic results! And don’t forget that tearing out and replacing sections of concrete can be a multiple day affair. First, is tearing out the old concrete then prep the area for a new pour. The next day is a couple hours to pour, and several hours (or days) for the concrete to cure enough for use. Our polyjacking repairs are done within a few hours, and the concrete can be used again almost immediately. Plus, there’s no damage to surrounding landscapes!

Polyjacking and mudjacking are similar repairs, but we definitely think poly is the way to go! While mudjacking uses a very dense grout-and-concrete combination to raise concrete, our polyurethane foam is lighter, and much more fluid when injected. This means the repair holes are smaller, and we need far less of them to fill the same amount of space. Even though the poly starts out as a liquid, it quickly sets up as a rigid foam that can do the same work as traditional mud. Polyjacking has been used in heavy highway and airport runway repairs for over a decade. Only recently though has this superior repair been as affordable as traditional mudjacking.

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