When the Ad, Not the Answer, Is Blowing in the Wind

When the Ad, Not the Answer, Is Blowing in the Wind

Everything you need to know to keep your signage in place

Signs appear everywhere, from street corners to the space outside your business. Though they may look sturdy, an improperly installed post or poorly mounted sign can become a hazard when inclement weather strikes.

Signposts Plus High Winds Equals Problems

Have you ever seen fierce winds pull a sign off its post or rip an entire post out of the ground? All it takes is one strong storm for loose signage to become airborne, threatening the safety of surrounding buildings, vehicles and people. Every type of sign and signpost material can do serious damage when driven by high winds, such as those experienced during summer storms, rotating storm cells and tornadoes.

Signpost Options

U-channel posts are likely to be the type you’ll need for putting up signs around your business. These posts hold parking lot markers such as pedestrian crossing signs and signs used to designate handicapped spaces. Round metal posts are best for supporting large signs sporting your business name or company logo. Stanchions rated for high winds can hold temporary signs to announce sales and specials.

Installing Sturdy Signposts

Since you don’t want to have to worry about the possibility of the signs outside your business becoming a hazard, it’s important to take precautions when installing them to ensure that they stay in place in all kinds of weather. For the initial installation, you should drive the post at least 3 feet into the ground; larger signs may require going a bit deeper. A post driver helps to accomplish this with relative ease.

Another way to install a signpost is to dig a hole in the ground at least 18 inches deep using a post hole digger. Position your post in the hole and fill the space around it with cement. Allow the cement to set for 24 hours before mounting your sign. If you’re using a round signpost, you’ll need brackets to hold the sign in place. Bolts or rivets are generally used for U-channel posts. Be sure to tighten these as much as possible to ensure that the sign stays attached to the post and won’t become loose in windy conditions.

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