The Worst Outcomes of Basement Water Damage

The Worst Outcomes of Basement Water Damage

How a little flooding can be a big problem for your homeBasement water damage

For many homeowners, damp spots in the basement are a fact of life. After all, it’s below ground, so a little water now and then is normal, right? Wrong. Finding water in your basement is a sign that there’s something wrong, and leaving it alone can have a negative impact on both your health and the value of your property.


Continual dampness is a breeding ground for mold. Living with mold growth can cause everything from sinus troubles to asthma attacks and aggravated allergies. Some people are allergic to the mold itself. A particular type known as black mold causes more serious problems such as chronic fatigue and respiratory irritation, and may affect the nervous system as well.

Even in the absence of mold, your health may be at risk from microorganisms in the water, especially if the leak is from a backed-up septic or sewer system. If you don’t know where the water’s coming from, you can’t know what’s in it, meaning that all sorts of potential pathogens could be making their way into your home.

Home Value

"Sold" sign outside of houseImagine buying a house only to discover a lake in the basement the first time it rains. That’s exactly what home buyers fear when looking at a home with basement water damage. Not only do these buyers not want to deal with the health hazards, they also don’t want the burden of paying for foundation repairs down the line. They’ll probably assume that if a basement flooded once, it can happen again. Incoming water leaves mud behind that can damage or ruin anything stored below the “flood line,” and most home buyers won’t want to deal with that.

Signs to Look ForCracked foundation

The most problematic cause of a wet basement is foundation damage. If that’s what you’re dealing with, chances are good that there will be signs in the rest of your home. Look for cracks in walls and ceilings as well as in the foundation itself. Go outside and look for damage there, too. New cracks or cracks that get bigger suddenly are telltale signs of foundation problems. Other things to look for include water spots, bowing walls, and doors that open and close with difficulty because of crooked frames.

Before these minor signs become big problems for your property, give Ram Jack of Indiana a call. We equip our professional staff with the tools and knowledge necessary to protect your home from water intrusion. Investing in a little foundation repair today saves you a big headache in the future by protecting the integrity of your home for the long term.