Why Choose Ram Jack?

Why Choose Ram Jack?

Detecting a crack in the foundation of a home or business will likely leave you feeling powerless in the face of destruction. With help from the professionals, however, you can get the foundation repaired without committing to a complete building overhaul. Ram Jack of Indiana has long been dedicated to innovative repair strategies that allow the company to come to the rescue in virtually any situation. Here are just a few of the advantages of trusting Ram Jack with your repair work:


Ram Jack workers have both the skill and the expertise to work on a wide variety of structures. They’re eminently capable of working on both garages and basement areas. They can also help business owners shore up their foundations so that the property can be declared safe for the foreseeable future. Ram Jack even plays an immensely important role in seawall repair.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The patented Ram Jack technology ensures that your foundation will be fixed permanently. The company uses guide sleeves and hydraulic rams that drive the support beams deep into the target rock strata. Because the technology is so reliable, the company is quite capable of fixing garages, homes and large commercial buildings. Once technicians have settled on a blueprint for action, they’ll begin working on the project right away. You can expect the structure in question to remain in excellent condition for decades.

Familiarity with Warning Signs

Ram Jack workers are dedicated to spotting warning signs. If you ask for a formal inspection, workers will be able to perform a comprehensive examination that will turn up any and all weak spots. Misaligned doors and windows, for example, can indicate soil creep. Cracks and water intrusion within the walls of garages and basements will also likely point to larger problems. Certified inspectors will be able to immediately spot these and other problems before they get even worse.

Knowledge of Why Foundations Go Bad

Ram Jack workers will also be able to find out why certain warning signs are showing up in the first place. Evaporation and transpiration, for example, can lead to changes in the soil below a home or garage. In some cases, tree roots can grow into the foundation. Drainage issues and plumbing leaks can cause similar problems. Lastly, the home may have originally been built with poorly manufactured concrete or steel. The company can identify these problems and come up with a solution that will allow you to breathe a grand sigh of relief as you move forward. For expert foundation repair in Carmel, IN, Ram Jack is the best option.