How to Detect Hidden Foundation Problems Before You Buy

How to Detect Hidden Foundation Problems Before You Buy

The vast majority of people who sell their homes are up front and honest about major problems, or have them fixed before putting their homes on the market. For a variety of reasons, though, some sellers attempt to pull the wool over prospective buyers’ eyes about certain things. Foundation problems are a prime example. Sellers often can’t afford to have the necessary repairs performed or are more concerned about fetching top dollar for their homes. If you’re in the market for a new home, it’s in your best interests to be aware of common signs of hidden foundation problems, or you could be in for a very expensive and unpleasant surprise later.

Won’t an Inspection Uncover Foundation Problems?

By the time you hire someone to perform an inspection on a home, you’ve probably got your heart set on buying it. It’s better to become aware of foundation problems well before you reach that stage. Also, the people who perform such inspections are only human. It’s not unheard of for foundation problems to slip under the radar, especially when sellers actively try to hide them.

Signs of Hidden Foundation Problems

As you walk through a home that you’re thinking about buying, be on the lookout for these signs of hidden foundation problems:

Exterior Walls Are Covered

Walk around the exterior of the house. Look for things conspicuously pushed up against the sides of the house. They may have been placed there to keep you from seeing foundation cracks or stair-step cracks between bricks, which are telltale signs of foundation problems.

Fresh Wallpaper

If someone’s about to move, why would they put up new wallpaper? It could be because they don’t want you to see cracks that would otherwise be as plain as day.

Awkwardly Positioned Furniture

Sellers usually try to position furniture in a way that enhances the appearance of their homes. If an item seems to be out of place, it might be there to prevent you from seeing cracks. A bookshelf might be placed in front of a section of wall that is bowing, which is another common sign of foundation trouble.

Discouraged from Opening or Closing Doors and Windows

Does the seller or agent try to steer you away from certain doors and windows? If they don’t open or close properly, foundation problems could be to blame.

Wetness in the Basement

Water in the basement is never a good thing. If parts of the floor down there are covered by blankets or other items, move them aside to see what’s underneath.
You shouldn’t have to pay for foundation repairs immediately after buying a new home. If you need to sell your home and are looking for foundation repair services in Carmel, IN, Ram Jack of Indiana can help. Contact us right away to learn more.