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Foundation Repair in Mobile, Alabama

The Mobile region of Alabama is one of the wettest areas in the United States. Mobile is actually the wettest city in the Lower 48 States. High amounts of rainwater can lead to soaked soil conditions. Soaked soils expand and can cause foundation damage when they exert pressure on concrete walls, piles, basement walls, etc.

This is why it is important to make sure your foundation is protected through sufficient drainage and a strong supporting system.

What to watch for if you are concerned about foundation trouble:

  • Cracks in the Ceiling
  • Cracks in Interior Drywall
  • Cracks in Exterior Walls
  • Jamming / Tight Windows
  • Chimney Movement or Cracks
  • Doors Getting Stuck
  • Floors Off-Level or Sloped

If any of these warning signs are visible around your home, be sure to get in touch with Ram Jack in Mobile, AL for long-lasting, American-made foundation solutions.

Our foundation experts can inspect your home for damage & offer guidance on next steps. Call (601) 405-1052 today.

Historic Homes & Wet Soil in Mobile, Alabama

Alongside beautiful, historic districts like Church Street, Oakleigh Garden District, Old Dauphin Way, Ashland Place and De Tonti Square, there are many housing developments that have age well above ground, but not so much below ground. Many older homes across Mobile are vulnerable to foundation trouble because of the wet climate's effect on the soil.

Years of soil expansion and contraction from rainwater collecting around a home's foundation will eventually cause cracks to form, threatening the integrity of the whole structure. Many homeowners may not be aware of the damage being caused to their homes due to rainwater in the soil. An inspection is something worthwhile to consider to get ahead of structural problems that become worse over time.

More Causes of Foundation Trouble in Mobile

Drying Soil: Tree roots can draw moisture out of the ground around a home, which can lead to soil shifting. Periods of drought are also sources of soil shrinkage. Foundation cracks form as a home settles into gaps and voids created when soil shrinks.

Soaked Soil: This has been discussed at length already. Heavy rain conditions can cause expansion or sinking to occur. Drainage is essential to prevent rainwater from collecting around a foundation.

Improper Soil Compaction: If a construction crew does not prepare the soil through proper compaction before laying a foundation, this will lead to trouble later on.

Contact the Mobile Foundation Repair Professionals

If you live around the Alabama coast and are concerned about the stability of your home, our professionals can help. Ram Jack in Mobile provides American-made products like helical and driven piles to sustain and jack up a foundation to the right level.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free estimate with a Mobile foundation specialist. We are well-aware that every home and property has unique history, architecture, and soil conditions that should be addressed with specific solutions. This is why we customize our projects to best resolve your problem.

Foundation Solutions in the Southern Alabama Region

Do you live in Mobile, Alabama or a nearby community? We also serve Prichard, Pascagoula, Saraland, Daphne, Fairhope, Moss Point, Satsuma, Semmes, Tillmans Corner, Theodore, and nearby areas.

Get in touch with our foundation contractors at Ram Jack Southern Mississippi by calling (601) 405-1052 today!