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Concrete Repair in Fort Myers

Reliable Concrete Contractors Near You

Uneven concrete is a hazard no one should have to deal with. Leveling concrete is an essential accessibility and ensures home and business owners don’t have a liability on their hands. At Ram Jack Florida - Ft. Myers, concrete leveling is a method we’ve honed over years of expertise. We use a concrete lifting strategy to repair unaligned foundations, driveways, sidewalks, and concrete slabs so that no one has to worry about tripping while on a leisurely stroll or damaging car tires.

Concrete leveling is ideal for warehouses, homes, shopping centers, roads, and more. Our professionals can lift uneven concrete using non-invasive methods instead of causing you to spend money and time to remove and replace the entire slab.

To learn more about our concrete leveling services near you, call us at (239) 330-4348 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

What Causes Concrete to Become Unlevel?

Usually, when you experience uneven concrete, it’s rarely the property owner’s fault. In some instances, it's an issue you could have avoided only if you were involved in the construction of the foundation. There could be several reasons why your home’s concrete driveway or a slab is lifted in front of your office.

Some of the causes of uneven concrete include:

  • Soil is too dry – Fort Myers sometimes experiences dryer weather, forcing the city to implement irrigation restrictions that result in dry soil. When the soil under the foundation is too dry, you’ll get cracking and shrinking, making the above concrete weak and unstable.
  • Soil is too wet – Oversaturated soil can swell and expand, putting pressure on concrete and causing erosion, wherein the slab shifts and lifts.
  • Improperly compacted soil – During construction, contractors must ensure that soil is adequately compacted before laying the foundation. If this step is overlooked, the soil can become compressed with the structure’s weight.

Various Types of Concrete Leveling Methods

Along with multiple causes of uneven concrete come various ways to address the issues. While the concrete leveling methods can vary in effectiveness, cost, application, and installation time, the results remain the same.

Three standard leveling techniques include:

  • Mudjacking
  • Strong slurry grout leveling
  • Polyjacking

Choosing the Right Concrete Contractors in Fort Myers, FL

Uneven concrete is more than just an eyesore. It can create tripping hazards, water pooling, and other safety issues. That’s why it’s important to have a professional concrete contractor handle it. With Ram Jack Florida - Ft. Myers, you can rest assured that our contractors are extensively trained and ready for all concrete leveling issues. Contact us to learn more.

Signs You Should Call Concrete Contractors

Recognizing when to contact concrete contractors in Fort Myers for concrete lifting repair is essential to maintain the integrity of your home's foundation and surfaces. Signs that you should reach out for professional assistance include:

  1. Uneven or Sinking Concrete: If you notice that your driveway, patio, or walkway has uneven or sunken sections, it's a clear indication that the concrete has settled unevenly.

  2. Cracking and Crumbling: Cracks in your concrete surfaces can worsen over time, leading to water infiltration and further deterioration. Crumbling edges or corners also suggest structural instability.

  3. Pooling Water: Puddles forming on your concrete surfaces can be a sign of poor drainage caused by uneven settling, which may require lifting and leveling.

  4. Slanted or Sunken Slabs: If your concrete slabs are tilting or sinking, they can pose safety hazards and affect the aesthetics of your property.

  5. Visible Soil Erosion: Erosion around your concrete surfaces can undermine their stability and should be addressed promptly.

By recognizing these signs and promptly contacting experienced concrete contractors in Fort Myers, you can prevent further damage, ensure the safety of your property, and restore the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home's concrete surfaces.

For more information about our concrete lifting services near you, call us at (239) 330-4348 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today one of our concrete contractors in Fort Myers, FL.