Kirkland Washington 15 Push Piles

Kirkland Washington 15 Push Piles

The Problem

A home off 2nd Avenue in Kirkland, Washington, showed dramatic signs of foundation failure. The homeowner called Ram Jack West after noticing sheetrock cracks followed by sticking doors throughout their house. After soliciting our free & thorough foundation evaluation, Ram Jack West found the home to be 3 1/2″ off level.

Ram Jack Solution

With the help of our Foundation Specialist, Cory, Ram Jack West proposed using 15 push piers to lift the house maximizing practical recovery as well as stabilizing the home to prevent further future foundation settlement.

Permanent Outcome

In the end, Ram Jack West successfully installed, lifted and stabilized the home using 15 push piers to an average depth of 7′. As usual, we left the property in pristine condition – looking like we were never there – except the homeowner can now close their doors and rest assured knowing they have a Ram Jack Warranty Trust backed Lifetime Warranty.

Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

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  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "The crew did a fantastic job"
  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "I would recommend this team to my friends and family"
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