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Garland Foundation Repair

Ram Jack Texas offers quality and long-lasting foundation repair for any home, business, or building in the Garland area. We are dedicated to ensuring that when you chose Ram Jack your foundation will be covered for life. Our company has the expert experience and proven repair methods to offer a lifetime transferable warranty on our foundation repair solutions.

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Free Garland Foundation Repair Estimate*

Ram Jack Texas offers a free on-site foundation repair estimate* in Garland, TX. During our on-site visit, we will evaluate your property to see what is causing the problem. We will check around your home to study the soil, check for possible drainage issues, and look for tree roots or other external variables. Depending on the kind of foundation you have, our foundation specialists will assess the state of the concrete, pier and beam, or slab for other problems that may be causing foundation issues.

Our experts will determine the damage to your foundation and design the right solution. When you choose Ram Jack as your Garland foundation repair company you will receive a plan that is nothing more and nothing less that you need. Backed by a national network of Ram Jack dealers, Ram Jack Texas is always working on more efficient and effective foundation repair solutions.

Signs of Foundation Problems

When foundations settle or crack it can cause severe effects on the rest of the structure. In order to save your home or business and protect the value of your investment, it is best to address the issues quickly. The problem only gets worse over time. Look for these signs of foundation problems:


Cracks in the drywall either on the ceiling or along the walls are a sign of foundation movement. The cracks can be patched and covered quite easily, but it will not stop further damage. The only way to stop the problem from spreading is to address the cause with foundation crack repair.

Sticking Doors and Windows

If doors or windows stick during wet or dry weather it is a good sign that your foundation is being severely affected by the soil around it. The framing of your house and walls may shift under the stress of foundation movement.

Garland Foundation Repair Services

Ram Jack Texas offers foundation repair services that fit the specific needs of the Garland, TX area. During our free on-site consultation,* we will assess the best way to repair your foundation. Ram Jack’s patented steel pilings are backed with a lifetime transferable warranty. Other piles used in the industry are subject to buckling and bending which can further the damage to your home.

Slab Repair

Many homes in the Garland area are constructed with a concrete slab because they are a cost-effective foundation for your home. However, a concrete slab over time can shift and crack from soil movement and settling of your home. If your home is showing signs of foundation damage, Ram Jack has the repair solution for you. Ram Jack Texas offers Garland slab repair services with minimal disruption to your home. Interior work and repairs will usually take 1-2 days.

Foundation Settlement Repair

Foundation settling occurs when the soil beneath your foundation compacts, shifts, and erodes from both the weight of your home and the saturation of the soil. To properly repair foundation settlement your home must be supported down to a load-bearing stratum. Ram Jack offers steel piling solutions that come with a lifetime transferable warranty.

Soil Injection

Clay soil expands and contracts when exposed to varying levels of water and heat. The swelling of the soil will cause your foundation to move which will lead to foundation cracks. We offer soil injection solutions for homes that are suffering from settling. Soil support products will be injected beneath your foundation to lessen the swelling and shrinking of the soil.

Crawl Space Repair

If you are having issues with your crawl space, Ram Jack Texas - North Texas offers solutions you can rely on. Our crawl space services cover a wide range of problems, including water damage and more. Contact our team today for more information.

Garland Soil

Depending on where your home or building is in Garland, you may be more susceptible to foundation damage. Some parts of the ground in Garland have high rock and caliche soil levels which offer a strong base for a foundation to thrive, but most areas have deep soil with high clay deposits.

With fluctuating weather and rain, your foundation can be put under stress from the expansion and contraction of the soil around it. When the clay soil becomes saturated with water it will expand, in turn putting more pressure on your foundation which will push up on your home.

In the winter months, the soil will contract around a foundation causing your home to sink. The soil in Garland is soft in areas which will lead to foundation settling. Your home’s foundation will loose the material below it that is causing it to be flat and level.

Build on the best with Ram Jack.

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*Real estate transactions or evaluations requiring engineering may incur a fee.