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Whether you’ve been living in the same home for several years, or if you’ve just bought a new home, there are always ways you can go about improving your home. One of the most important improvements that you can do is taking the steps to protect your foundation. If there are foundation problems present, the well-being of your home could be at risk. By acting now and taking steps to protect your foundation, you can potentially avoid major problems down the road. There are many causes of foundation failure. It is important that you frequently check around your home for any signs of foundation failure. While you are looking around your home for signs of foundation problems, there are some ways that you can protect your foundation by improving the drainage around it.

Leaves in gutterRain Gutters Provide Drainage around Foundations

After a heavy rain, if the water goes from your roof directly on to your foundation, it can lead to foundation problems. When they are working properly your rain gutters should catch

and maneuver the water away from your foundation. It is important to check your rain gutters frequently and make sure there is no blockage and that they are working properly. When there is no blockage in them, the rain should be moving freely through the gutter. If you don’t have gutters installed, we recommend that you get them installed as soon as possible. They will go a long way in improving the drainage around your home.

Self-Inspection of Drainage around Foundation

By checking your home often you can potentially catch a small problem before it turns in to a big one. Look for cracks in the wall, doors and windows that won’t close properly, and uneven floors. Be sure and check around your foundation for ponding water.

If you notice any signs of foundation failure, or if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate and call Ram Jack Wichita today. We would be happy to come out and assist you with any foundation related problem you may have.