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The Big Freeze – Cold Weather, Snow, and Your Foundation

The weather is cooling down already, and it’s only fall!  While you may be looking forward to winter, a warm hot chocolate by the fire, and cozy evenings curled up under a blanket on the couch with a book on your lap, your home and your foundation may not be quite as excited about the extreme cold. Even though cold winter nights may sound cozy, you’re probably not looking forward to rising heating costs, drafty windows and doors, and frozen driveways.

Prevent Winter Damage To Your Home

While Wichita Ram Jack can’t help you with all of your winter problems, we can help with a few. First, we can help you protect your home from water damage that comes with wet weather and snow.  It is important that you have working rain gutters on your roofline, as they will help direct water away from the foundation of your home to prevent damage. At the same, it is important that the grading of your year directs water and melting snow away from the foundation of your home.

Second, we may be able to help you with those drafty windows and doors and expensive heating expenses. Sometimes ill-fitting windows and doors, either due to gaps around the casings or windows and doors that don’t quite close all the way, are due to foundation settlement.  As the foundation settles, the house comes with it.  This creates particular problems for windows and doors. In fact, ill-fitting windows and doors are a sign of foundation damage. By repairing the foundation windows and doors are put back in the proper place, reducing drafts and lowering heating costs.

If you’ve noticed that your doors or windows don’t quite open and close the way they should, unwanted cold drafts, or other warning signs of foundation damage, give Ram Jack Wichita a call. We can provide a professional estimate and tell you whether or not a foundation repair will help.