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Cartoon house on a small island during a stormAs the seasons change, it can put a great deal of pressure on your foundation. While foundations are built to be strong, they all rely one common thing: soil structure. Whether the soil is too dry or even too wet, it can cause foundation problems. Due to this, foundations are constantly shifting, and this can lead to damages. If you are wondering just how the soil around your foundation can cause a failure, there are several different things that can be contributed to it. To protect your structure, it’s important to know what causes foundation failure. If you are already experiencing foundation failure and would like to know what your next step should be, give Ram Jack Wichita a call.

Some of the main causes of foundation failure:

Drain pipe on house exteriorImproper Drainage– Improper drainage is a leading cause of foundation failure. If water is not directed away from your house it will start to pool around your foundation during heavy rains. This can erode the soil and lead to settlement.

Evaporation– During hot summer months, the extreme heat can steal moisture from the soil. This leads to shrinkage and can cause structural cracks.

Insufficient Soil Structure– If the soil beneath your foundation is low density or if it isn’t compacted properly, it could lead to foundation damages.

Transpiration– If trees that are nearby aren’t properly watered they can take all of the water from this ground. This causes the soil to shrink away from the foundation.

Plumbing Leaks– Leaks can be a major factor leading to foundation problems. It can be years before leaks from sewage pipes, links, and bathtubs are noticed. These leaks can erode the soil around the foundation.

Low Quality Soil– Low quality soils can shrink and expand frequently. All of these changes contribute to foundation failure.

If you notice any of these sign of foundation failure or any other warning signs inside or outside of your house, be sure and contact us here at Ram Jack Wichita.