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Cracked foundationIdentifying the Problem

When trying to figure out foundation repair costs, it is important to identify the warning signs of a foundation in need of repair. provides four basic warning signs of foundation problems.

  • Doors jamming
  • Cracks appearing in walls
  • Cracks opening on concrete floor
  • Windows sticking or not closing completely

If you notice one or more of these problems, a foundation repair may be necessary. Houselogic provides more warning signs to check out.

Determining the Method of Repair

Once you decide you need a foundation repair, the next step is to determine the correct method of repair. Since foundations contain differences, repair methods also differ. These methods vary in price and in cost of installation—they also differ in their effectiveness over time. Once the appropriate method has been determined by a foundation repair specialist, an estimate can be generated for the customer.

While some companies use concrete pilings and cable-threaded concrete, these methods are not permanent and can often cause more foundation settlement over time.

Ram Jack uses strong steel piles to help repair foundation problems.

  • Helical Piles
  • Driven Piles

Since these are all very different from each other, it can prove to be difficult to estimate a repair cost until it is determined what kind of method needs to be used.

Gathering Proposals for Foundation Repair Costs

When thinking about foundation repairs, it is important to ask for proposals from different companies. This ensures that you get the foundation repair that you need at the price you can afford.

When analyzing proposals, pay close attention to the following concerns:

  • Method used
  • Installation method
  • Estimated cost
  • Warranty information
  • Financing options

These different proposals can help identify what the best course of action for your foundation repair is. Foundation repair costs will vary on the method used and the different needs that will be used for the project.

Financing Options

Ram Jack offers two financing options to help finance your new home improvements. A reduced interest loan program and same-as-cash option are available.

Contact Ram Jack Wichita today to have a foundation specialists take a look at your property and provide a thorough proposal.