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Chimney Separating from House

Leaning brick chimneyHave you been looking around outside your home and noticed that you have a leaning chimney? If so that means that you could be experiencing either foundation or structural issues. A leaning a chimney is not that uncommon and can be contributed to several different things. If you think that your chimney is leaning or if you have any other questions about foundation repair, give us a call.

There are two main types of leaning chimneys that you should look for. The way the chimney is leaning could tell you what type of issue you are facing.

Chimney Leaning Towards Your House

If the chimney is leaning over your house, if it looks like it will crash on top of your roof, you have a major structural problem.

Chimney Pulling Away From Your Home

If it looks like your chimney is tearing away from your home, if it looks like it will fall in your yard, you likely have a foundation problem.

There are several reasons why a chimney will start to lean away from a house. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Poor drainage
  • Poor soils that aren’t able to handle a concentrated load
  • Shallow footings
  • Uncompacted fill material

Repaired brick chimneyIf any of these are the cause, in most cases the use of helical piles can be used to support the falling or leaning chimney. In most cases the chimney can be pushed back and lifted at the same time. This results in a much improved look.

Foundation issues can reveal themselves on the inside and outside of your home. There are several causes of foundation damage that can go unchecked for years. So while you are out looking at your chimney be sure and check for other signs of foundation damage. If you notice that your chimney is leaning or you notice any other signs of foundation damage, give us a call here at Ram Jack Wichita.