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Foundation Repair

Foundation damage can be caused by different factors. Checking around your home every now and then for symptoms of foundation damage is necessary. Have you found any damages and think that your home needs a foundation repair? If so, there are different foundation repair methods that can be utilized. Some methods work better than others. For some concrete is a popular choice because it is cheaper than steel. While it may be cheaper concrete is a bad choice that doesn’t really solve the problem. Concrete tends to shift which will cause even more problems for your foundation down the road.

Here at Ram Jack Wichita we use steel as the method for our foundation repair. Our 100% American made patented steel piles go deep down past the “zone of influence” to a deep load-bearing strata to securely hold your foundation. All of our products come with a limited lifetime transferable warranty.

Steel helical pilesRam Jack’s Helical Piles

Ram Jack uses helical piles as one method of foundation repair. They are connected steel pipes that have helices or spiral blades on the bottom ends. These spirals allow the piles to be twisted into the ground using our torque driving motor. Because of their design, they can be installed without having to be right up against a structure. Our helical piles can be installed with little machinery and in almost any weather condition.

Ram Jack’s Driven Piles

Another method of foundation repair that Ram Jack uses is driven piles. They are connected epoxy-coated steel pipes that are directed into the ground with a hydraulic ram driving head. These are usually driven below the “zone of influence” until they arrive at the bedrock or a similarly firm support level. This leads to a strong support that won’t move due to soil conditions. Driven piles are employed when the load of the structure is used to drive the piles to a load bearing strata.

Installation Process

After being twisted or directed to the proper depth, helical or driven piles are then braced to the foundation. They then are tested with more force than is needed to ensure that they can hold the weight. Hydraulic jacks then boost the foundation to maximum practical recovery and the piles are bound to the wall to make sure they will support the foundation.

If you see that your home is in need of a foundation repair be sure and give us a call.